LLC TERMINAL GROUP is a private storage company based in Novgorod Russia with a branch in Rotterdam . LLC TERMINAL GROUP is one of the Russian and world’s leading independent private storage company for storage rentals solutions for interested customers from their tank terminal reserves. LLC TERMINAL GROUP will be commercially responsible for the terminals expansion project towards new customers. The plan is to increase capacity with 3,000,000 cbm (or more) for Crude, Fuel Oil and VGO. The terminal will be able to handle part loaded vessels.

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what we offer

Bulk liquids tank storage

Our Storage Tanks are quality and durable for all kinds of oil components of fluids at different stages of the refinery process.

Reception and dispatching of ships, trucks and trains

Here in LLC TERMINAL GROUP, all forms of transportation are available.the choice is yours to make.

Dilution of product in tank and in line

Our Dilution system is optimized to achieved seamless and successful transformation of products

Blending and additivation

We provide an efficient and error-free blending and additivation services

Transfer between ships using own lines

With our well trained staff and latest tecnologies, we have achieved large number of ship to ship transfer of products over time.

Sending and reception of products by pipeline

Transportation of products through pipelines over a long range is also made available here in LLC TERMINAL GROUP.

Why choosing us

We are moved by passion.


We offer the best service to our customers with the highest standards for safety and quality in product storage


Our personnel are highly experienced individuals from the world's top tank storage firms, put together to actualize the goals and needs of our clients.

24/7 Hours Support

Our main objectives is to meet your satisfaction. We offer professional enquiries and assistance around the clock.


With our extended experience and innovative technology, we guarantee the maintenance of products under perfect conditions.

Safety and security measures

As one of the core values of LLC TERMINAL GROUP, the overall Safety objectives, and functions are ultimately considerred for the safety and well-being of our clients, subcontracting partners and employees, and this measures has been the fundamental to our success as a Company.

Mode of transportations

For best services and efficiencies, we allow for the reception and dispatching of ships, trucks, pipelines, tank-to-tank and trains through our facilities in the most effective and safe manner

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